2018  Events  -  Please Check Back For Updates to the Schedule!

We would love to have you join us at our monthly meetings!  Consulting Rosarians will be available to answer questions.
Toledo Rose Society generally meets at 7 PM (note new time) on the 4th Tuesday of every month except January and December. 
We will be meeting at a new location in the Toledo Artists Club building at Toledo Botanical Gardens
Summer meetings (main entrance is open):  Enter TBG from the main entrance off of Elmer Dr.  The building and parking lot will be on the left.
Winter meetings (main entrance is closed at dark):  Enter TBG from Olimphia Rd., (one drive west of the main entrance). 
Drive south, turn left at the gate to enter TBG, left at the dead end, drive north and enter the parking lot for the Toledo Artists Club.

* Indicates a special event.

February 27      - 'Rose Classification 101 and What Roses Will Actually Grow in Northwest Ohio'
                              Speaker:  TRS Member Margie Black
March 27           - 'Opening the Rose Garden - Timing, Pruning, and Fertilizing'
                              Speaker:  TRS Member Nerre Emmons will share his technique to spring care of his 300 + roses
April  14*           - District Meeting, Delaware, Ohio - One of the speakers is our own President, Audrey Palumbo on 
                              'Decorating a Float for the Rose Parade'.  (Contact Cheryl Menard at cmenard5@sbcglobal.net for more information)
April 24              - 'Correct Planting of Roses, Companion Plants, Black Spot and Deer Protection'
                              Speaker: TBA

May 12 *             - Children's Rose Planting Day - In conjunction with the Toledo Zoo Mother's Day Weekend Celebration
                              Location:  Toledo Zoo's Nature's Neighborhood.  Open to all kids to plant a free miniature rose bush to take home. 

May 22              -  'Entering a Rose Show - the 'How To's' for Beginners and Experienced Exhibitors'
                              Speaker:  TRS Members Dave Wisniewski and Cheryl Menard

June 9-10*        -  Toledo Rose Society Annual Rose Show;  June 9, 1pm - 6pm; June 10, 10am - 3pm
                              Come see many beautiful rose blooms and arrangements entered by area rosarians in a judged show! 
                              Free and open to the public at the Conference Center at Toledo Botanical Garden.
June 26              - 'What is that on my rose and what (if anything) should I do about it?'
                              Speaker: TBA
July 24 *            - Four Star Greenhouse Tour - New time - 3 PM with Josh Miller, Four Star Greenhouse New Product Development Manager - watch for more information
August 28          - 'Propagating Roses at Home'
                              Speaker:  TRS Member Cheryl Menard
September 25    - Six Pack! 
Group Discussion - bring your 6 favorite roses for show and tell.  Or, just come to see which roses you
                              might want to grow next year.

October 23         - 'NW Ohio 2018 Rose Growing in Review - Looking Back at Successes and Ways to Improve.'
                              Speaker:  TBA

November          - Christmas Party