Roses from the 2013 Toledo Rose Society Show


            Welcome to the official website of the Toledo Rose Society.  This website is intended to help keep you up to date with our events and to
            provide you with information to help you grow beautiful roses.  The Toledo Rose Society is full of people that share your passion for
            America's favorite flower.  Won't you come join us?  We are affiliated with the American Rose Society (ARS) and are part of the ARS
            Buckeye District.

            The Toledo Rose Society will host it's annual Rose Show June 11th and 12th, 2016. Please join us!

             Miss All American Beauty (Hybrid T)                Just Joey (Hybrid T)                                        Marijke Koopman (Hybrid T)

             Love and Peace (Hybrid T)                              Distant Drums (Shrub)                                   Chicago Peace (Hybrid T)